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ISPAC June 17, 2008

Posted by fetzthechemist in Careers, PAHs.

The International Society for Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (ISPAC) has been active in PAH research for almost two decades. It holds a biennial meeting that brings together researchers from many disciplines – toxicologists, environmental scientists, analytical chemists, theoretical chemists, astrophysicists, synthetic organic chemists, and others – to present their latest research and to interact. From these meetings I personally had numerous collaborations born through those informal discussions during coffee breaks, over dinner, or quaffing a few beers. These include forays into marine geochemistry and astrophysics, so the cross-disciplinary discussions are great.

The next ISPAC meeting will be held next year in Charleston, South Carolina USA. Details are posted at http://www.ispac.org/

ISPAC members get a huge deduction in registration costs, as well as a monthly society newsletter that I produce. The newsletter is highlighted by a polycyclics literature search.

If you are doing any research in PAHs or other PACs, ISPAC is a great organization to belong to. You interact not only to find out the latest research by the leaders in several research fields, but also network on sources of those hard-to-find pure compounds (an informal bartering system abounds within ISPAC!) and sources of other things useful in your work.

The meetings are know for their social events. Each has had a symposium dinner and these often have been culinary hallmarks.




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