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Palin-speak, a real laugh September 28, 2008

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

The Republican vice presidential candidate is barely being let out of her sequestration of either not being allowed to speak on her own unless it is parroting prewritten platitudes or appearing with her running mate to boost his woeful lack of charisma. Three interviews, so far, and only in bits and pieces is Sarah Palin expressing herself.

You can tell the memorized blather by the tone of her voice. When she deviates it has been half-sentences and non sequiturs galore. Not an articulate person, at all. As I’ve said here before, she strikes me as the hard-working, studious over-achiever. Nice as a PTA president or even a mayor of a very small town or a governor of a small-population state with chronic budget surpluses due to its oil wealth.

McCain shows his maverick streak in picking her, that devil-may-care gambling attitude of a Top-Gun style fighter pilot. Level-headed? No, not in the least.



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