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Give the dog a bone October 6, 2008

Posted by fetzthechemist in Politics.

If the current trends change course and the McCain-Palin ticket wins, I foresee Sarah Palin being this generation’s figurehead VP. The Dan Quayle of that administration. Why?

The campaign shows that McCain and his advisors have little respect for Palin. They only trust her to repeat scripted catch phrases and most of the time having to appear with McCain. Remember the Katie Couric interview number 2 where he kept jumping in to answer fot her? She’s now filled the role of the attack dog, the pitbull in lipstick, and making the more spurious charges against Obama because the Republicans can always rely on the Democrats being unwilling to attack her. There was a method in their harping so louding about the mean media and their gotcha tactics.

As VP Palin will get a few public-appearance type assignments. She, afterall, is their visible and popular spokewoman now – she has ten-thousand times more charm than dull John. So her pet cause of advocacy for special-needs children will be on the news a lot with her practiced-smiling face. She’ll be given token involvement in energy policy, but the real big boys in that area – those still around from Dick Cheney’s clique – will be the ones with clout and making the decisions. Palin will be rolled out to talk to Joe Six Pack on Main Street about those decisions.

This is all probably speculation with no chance of ever being (hopefully so!), but it would be interesting to see this pattern from the campaign turning into something in McCain’s administration, and if sassy Sarah would stand for just being the female mouthpiece. A few bones for the pitbull.



1. Ψ*Ψ - October 6, 2008

That bitch makes me wish I were Canadian.

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