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Boxing Day thoughts December 26, 2008

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The day after Christmas, only 24 more days left of the worst presidency in my lifetime. Another year winding down and sadly a bad one for most people. The new year? A mixed bag of lots of hopes for changes, but intermingled with a lot of bad tidings for jobs and finances.

The optimism ought to help fight the other things. Companies , and especially the banks and financial institutions, should wake up. Even the so-called bailout of Wall Street has been another Bush bust. The banks took the money and now there’s a credit crunch because they refuse to lend any of it. This administration put in no oversight and no stipulations with all those billions. The banks created this meltdown by greedy, overly-easy lending and investment policies. Now they morph it into another situation where their executives take the gold and laugh at everyone else’s stupidity and cupidity.

Obama will have his hands full trying to fix and undo all of the ultra-pro-business policies that Bush has operated with, not only those readily visible, too. Bush has used this year to put in policies beyond his executive orders that will take more time and action to change, even requiring legislative actions.

He has also turned many of his political appointees into civil servant status so that they cannot be removed, so their neoconservative views that industry is the best protector of our environment, of the national forests and parks, that supporting religious-based charities and schools is the same as supporting any nonprofit organization or public school, that the present need for cheap energy means that there is no human-caused global warming or greenhouse effect, that all science is bad unless it directly supports the development of military weapons, and so on, will continue for two or three more years.

If there was such a thing as post-impeachment, people in the next couple of years would bring Bush up for it. But the chicken hearts in Congress cannot even censure the obvious breaches of Dick Cheney (conflicts of interest over Haliburton and Iraq decisions where his “blind” trust made millions and millions, the total opaqueness of his energy policy conceived in meetings with oil company executives, his total disregard for any checks and balances or any other aspect of the Constitution that he cannot manipulate to his use), so Bush will sit at his ranch in Texas or the new house in Dallas and pontificate to the diehard, Sarah Palin lovers.

These next three and a half weeks cannot happen fast enough.



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