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The Bush Legacy January 18, 2009

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As he leaves office, George W. Bush talks of his legacy, as do many commentators. Bush says he made the tough decisions, but does not touch on the idea that making a decision is easy if you do not have to weigh in on its wisdom.

I will not go into the whole Iraq decisions. They are self-evident debaucles and a viable democracy is not result enough to justify them.

I will list a few of the other accomplishments.

The Patriot Act – widely used, but seldom for terror-related issues. It has created an easier road for law enforcement in areas where there were already laws- tax evasion, child pornography, mail fraud, et cetera. As invasive a law as ever came from the liberal Democrats.

No Child Left Behind – the test scores are up! Unfortunately that means that now all that schools are teaching is how to score high on standardized tests, how to answer certain questions. Knowledge and thinking have disappeared and are replaced by fact memorization. This was already bad enough with the focus on SAT and ACT scoring.

The Blue Skies Initiative – only a hypocritical administration would call a law allowing coal-burning plants to spew more pollution by such a title. Enough said on that one. In every instance Bush has been anti-environment, forgetting his Christian value of stewardship of the Earth.

Science funding in general has been abysmal under Bush. He’d rather plan to send men to Mars than fund an extension on the Hubble telescope or work on a shuttle replacement vehicle. If science was not geared towards defence or homeland security, it was toasted. He is the supreme Luddite.

Katrina. No comments needed other than “Great job, Georgie”.

International affairs? Europe is less of a reliable ally. Every leader who supported him has been booted out, from Blair in theUK to Howard in Austrakia, the tide has got against pro-Americanism. Bush’s policies emboldened Georgia to fight and lose a stupid war. Our ally, Pakistan, has drifted into a quasi-civil war because the support for the US is lukewarm at best. No changes in Burma, Israel-Palestine, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Somalia. Latin America is steadily taking the Hugo Chavez route with Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador all putting in similar governments. Failure after failure.



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