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My oxalis (false shamrocks) January 21, 2009

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When I was in grad school thirty years ago, a girlfriend gave me a “shamrock” for St. Patrick’s day of 1978. This was not a true shamrock, but the oxalis many florist shops sell as one (oxalis regnelli). It has the trifoliate leaves, each one of the trio being an isosceles triangle and joined to the others at the point.

Then a dozen years ago or so, someone gave me the purple variety (oxalis triangularum). Then five years ago I found a green variegated species and one with four leaf-clusters (the iron cross oxalis), but the latter one only lasted a couple of years.. They multiply by making rhizomes or bulb clusters.

They open and aim their leaves to sunlight. The green one I have had for more years than I had before it. I think they are very cool, for houseplants. I would like others, but most choices of oxalis are more weeds than house plants and I will need to find nurseries or mail-order companies that sell a good variety of them at a reasonable cost.



1. Ψ*Ψ - January 21, 2009

what, no pictures? 🙂

2. fetzthechemist - January 22, 2009

Good idea! I hadn’t thought of that. It is rainy and dreary now, but when there’s a sunny California day (we had over a week of 70s until yesterday) I’ll take one of them and try to add it to the post. Geez, the o. regnelli is several years older than you. 😉

3. Ψ*Ψ - January 31, 2009

Talking about sunny California days is just cruel right now: my city suffered through another bad ice storm this week. 😦

4. fetzthechemist - January 31, 2009

Sorry. But that reminds me to go out in the warm sunshine to take these. Having grown up in the midst of the ice belt, I know what you are going through AND do not miss those friggin’ type storms one bit. One I remember hit my hilly undergrad campus during finals week and there were a zillion broken arms and legs from people trying to get to exams. If you get to Berkeley or Santa Barbara, your winter wear might be a goth biniki look. 😉

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