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On Darwin’s 200th birthday February 8, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Evolution is not controversial. Creationism is. Fundamental Christian religious literalists will never accept the idea, so they keep trying to insert their religion into science. If their rigid ideology were more uniformly applied, we’d not be able to teach Newtonian or Quantum physics nor astronomy based on those, either. The sun stood still for an hour in the Old Testament. Why aren’t these Luddite zealots protesting every teaching of astronomy?

Darwin’s ideas based on observations of numerous living creatures and their variations, has now been shown to be paralleled by evidence in the fossil record and in the molecular biology that finds relationships based on DNA changes.

These religious zealots forget that their Bible is a religious text aimed at teaching sociological and moral behaviors. It was not intended to supplant the science of that era or any later one.



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