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You want me to pay for your 14 babies? February 12, 2009

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I pay taxes to the state of California and to the US. Now I read that not only have I been paying for that Suleman woman’s six implanted babies, but will do so for her added eight.

This woman is either a scam artist supreme or severely psychologically damaged or both. She has no means of support other than the notoriety of the octuplets (I wonder how much NBC paid for her exclusive interviews).

She has had a permanent disability claim for her back that California paid around $170,000 for…..ummmm how can a woman with such severe back problems bear that many pregnancies?

Of her first six, she has claim three are disabled and gets Social Security for their autism, attention deficit disorder, and traces of autism. Autism may be real in some, but at the ages claimed it is hard to diagnose well since developmental-age children develop at different rates and show different signs of learning or no, and ADD is even harder to diagnose. I often feel ADD is the hypochondriacal parents’ excuse for their child just being on the lower half of the bell curve.

So this loony woman plays the system for fame and money. Her future income? She’s going back to school and will use her student loans to pay for her family? Yeah, right. She will milk the tabloids and TV for any dollars they want to pay, beg for donations from the public, and also bend and cheat the governments for every nickel she can get.



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