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I didn’t know I was so religious February 14, 2009

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A creationist has sued the state of California claiming that a website put up by the University of California at Berkeley describing evolution and topics for teachers to use to teach it is an illegal espousing of a religious belief by a government entity. The creationist is a teacher who claims this is no different that lawsuits brought against cities, counties, and states that allowed crosses to be displayed on public land.

The belief in a scientific doctrine is defined in this lawsuit as equivalent to the various ideas of creation held by Christians and Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and other religions. The idea that this belief does not cover any other aspects of a religion, like a moral code or belief in a deity or deities is not covered. It just focuses on the idea that a belief in a certain creation theory, whether evolution or directed creationism or any other is a religious belief.

Why is it that Southern Baptists and other protestant sects in the US are so adamant about certain topics like creation? This is not a phenomenon in Europe and other Christian regions. What is amiss in their religious beliefs that makes them so defensive and then aggressively offensive? Biblical literalism is a concept that has gotten more and more rigid and fractile. These people live in the modern age and do not understand that  a good part of their lives depends on things that go against the Bible. Modern physics, especially anything quantum, is incompatible – that is why Einstein had such a hard time reconciling the two and said “God does not play dice.”



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