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Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! March 2, 2009

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Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Some of my favorite childhood books were written by him. His were not the boring Dick and Jane we had to read in school. They were whimsical in the way little kids think. Animals that acted like people or that were not like the ones you see in the zoo. Happenings abounded, in contrast to the usually slow days that you had to fill with your own adventures.

His stories taught values without being preachy. You just accepted that the Sneeches just focused too much on physical difference in their opinions or that being able to do whatever you thought or seemed to want might not be as great a time as the Cat in your hat, your imagination, said they would be or that ego and power were not a good mix for you or Yertle the Turtle or that having fun was possible anywhere, even on Mulberry Street, if you looked at things just right.

His books were new and fresh, too. Children’s books back then were mostly syrupy or preachy or just not fun. Dr. Seuss books were entertaining and funny, and in looking back they taught kids a lot without seeming to. Seeing a new one in the library was always a treat, even when their suggested age range was less than my age – they were aimed at everyone, really.



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