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Helpful info from Chemical Abstracts Service March 3, 2009

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The marvelous people at Chemical Abstracts contacted me to pass on more useful information and links because of the recent CAS post. Here is the information…..

– The top level overview page for information on the key CAS databases is  http://www.cas.org/expertise/cascontent/index.html

An important point from our perspective is outlined in the paragraph entitled “Intellectually analyzed content”. The analysts employed by CAS are both subject matter and language experts, and we feel this is one of our value added features.

– Information on CAS REGISTRY begins at  http://www.cas.org/expertise/cascontent/registry/index.html

– An FAQ for CAS REGISTRY and Registry Numbers is available at  http://www.cas.org/expertise/cascontent/registry/regsys.html

– A number of useful, although detailed resources touching on nomenclature and related issues are available at http://www.cas.org/support/stngen/doc/index.html

Perhaps of particular interest to your point on nomenclature is the PDF document entitled “Naming and Indexing of Chemical Substances for Chemical Abstracts”. The “Foreword” section specifically addresses the issue of how CAS nomenclature sometimes “extends” beyond IUPAC. It is hard to summarize that document in a paragraph or two but for people who care to skim it or read it I think it will provide a perspective they may not have been aware of . There are a couple of other references in the REGISTRY section of this page which also specifically document important changes to nomenclature and indexing/registration policies that have taken place in recent years.

– Information on CAS Client Services (the fee based service for those instances you described where organizations need to confirm or have Registry Numbers assigned outside the normal scientific and patent literature disclosure process) is described starting at http://www.cas.org/products/client/index.html



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