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Remembering fish March 13, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

When I was young, Lent was noticeable because the school cafeteria stopped having meat dishes – no more sloppy joes or pigs in a blanket, and had salmon croquets or fish sticks instead. Not being religious, let alone Catholic, the whole religious season just sneaked up. It is based on the moon, so it jumps all over March and April. I never knew, or know now, when Easter is.

Now the only sign of Lent I see is cross buns in the bakeries. I do love them, especially ones from certain bakeries, like Neldam’s in Oakland). Once in a while I will know it is Ash Wednesday because I will see someone with that smudge of ash on her or his forehead. Where I used to work, for a while there were two or three attractive women who were roommates. They’d go to mass early before work and have smudges through that day.

I guess if I lived in New Orleans and had Mardi Gras as an event, I’d keep up with Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, just to be sure to go out and see all those bared breasts.



1. Dave Eaton - March 16, 2009

Where I live now is distinctly Calvinist, and Lent is barely mentioned. But back home in Western Kentucky, Catholics dominate in some areas, and there are fish-fry events every week, and the local restaurants do try to accommodate on Fridays as well.

I just got around to checking out your blog jumping from Coronene. Interesting stuff.

2. Riyadh Al Malki - March 29, 2009

For me coming from a different cultur it is new to me and I like to read about different religions and culturs. Not only pure chemistry or let us call it chemistry of faith.

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