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There must be some kind of planet…. April 3, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Sometimes I get exasperated with the way most people go through life. I mean many people just seem clueless or incapable of even the simplest of situations, let alone the things that require a little bit of intelligence that is used.

There is a song by the Dandy Warhols called Plan A, which has the lyrics:

“Must be some kind of planet
For all the people who can manage.
All of us who can handle it”

A lot of times it seems as if people have gotten used to being in mental auto-pilot mode. Maybe it is not just due to being in a permanent fog, but self-centered arrogance. Why else do people wanting to use their charge card get into the “cash only” line at the grocery store or have twenty items in the “8 items or less” line?

Almost every day I see this as everyday, how do these people get by in life’s more complicated things? Maybe this explains the mortgage crisis or credit-card crunch or voting patterns. People never pay attention to the details and just sign loan documents or fill out a credit-card application and wonder why they pay so much interest when they only pay the minimum.

Sheesh. Sometimes I do wish there was a planet full of capable people or a teleporter to beam all of these clueless ones out of mine.



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