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Maybe three dollars an hour April 6, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

One of the funny reactions I routinely get is that my science writing is lucrative, that I make a ton of money writing articles and book. Science writing is a tough business. Pay for an article in most journals that pay is only a few hundred dollars. Royalties from books may be a few dollars per copy.

So if a book sells several hundred or a thousand copies, you make a few thousand. The hours spent writing, thinking, rewriting, editing, proofreading, et cetera are huge. Easily a thousand for each of my two books.

In total, for all of the writing that I have been paid for, the dollars per hour are like that, only one to five dollars per hour. Not even minimum wage rate in the US. If you have a lot of dead time to fill, it is better than not earning anything, but for most people it is for the prestige or for the altruism of teaching people things. For me it is nowhere near what I make as a consultant and freelancer. Those are more in line with what call girls and attorneys make per hour. (Add your comment here)



1. The Chemist - April 7, 2009

You do science writing? I need to come around here more often- I miss things. I may have to peer into that career management book at some point.

Typing your name into Google got me the Wikipedia page of a radio DJ as the first result, but I guess you knew that. 🙂

2. fetzthechemist - April 7, 2009

Yes, a few paid articles here and there, several book chapters, the two nooks. I do not get paid for the career management articles, but they led to the book. Search my name and chemistry for a better search. Or look at my curriculum vita and try to figure out which were paying gigs.

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