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Anti-socialist? I think not April 19, 2009

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There has been a lot of media coverage of the “tea parties” held last week. The impression these groups want to give is that they are egalitarian and libertarian – average people just want big government to stay out of banking and other areas.

If you look at the interviews of people holding these events, they are consistently upper-middle class or wealthier people. Their idea of what is bad, “socialism”, is government intervention and regulation of any sort.

These are the same conservative Republicans who have consistently pushed deregulation in various areas of business. The deregulation of banking and finance led to insurance companies like AIG entering the markets, offering riskier financial investments and vehicles, and the ratcheting up of competition in that industry so much that the deregulated environment meant no limits, no rules, no common sense.

In telecommunications, deregulation was supposed to help the consumers. Years later, lan-line service has not gone down, mobile service is inordinately expensive with average plans being as expensive as lan service when you consider all the tack ons, like charging for texting. Internet service providers still charge an arm and a leg years after their technologies have been in place. Nothing is cheap in the whole industry. The companies all make their services expensive because they are necessities.

These no-tax people also are essentially saying “I made my fortune screwing the average Joe and I do not want to pay taxes anymore to help that same average Joe”. Marx and Engels did have one thing right – capitalists favors and rewards people who have lower ethics and values so that they can climb higher by stomping others underfoot.

The problem is not big, intrusive, over-spending government. The G. W. Bush administration was all of those. The problem and big difference is that the new administration (remember it has only been in office for three months!) does not use its size and power to favor those wealthy people. None of these issues has anything to do with the advent of socialism.



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