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Domestic terrorists kidnapped my birthday April 19, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Happy birthday to me! It really is not a very big deal to me. It happenbs every twelve months. The only thing I have noticed over the past fifteen years is that the news coverage will always be peppered with stories about violent domestic terrorist acts.

These started with the raid in Waco in 1993 on David Koresh’s Branch Davidiam compound. Two years later the group of domestic terrorists blew up the Oklahoma City federal building on the anniversary to honor those original anti-governmentalists. Then four years and one day later, two obsessed and crazy high schoolers slaughtered at Columbine High (ironically for me in Littleton, Colorado where I had spent a couple of summers living with a cousin and worked during college). Even the Virginia Tech massacre came when it did, later in this week, to honor the Columbine killers.

So the times around my birthday have a built-in negativity of insanity and killings. The chain will continue since each creates a magnet of obsession for a next crazed person (or people). It used to be only the San Francisco earthquake anniversary on the 18th, now there’s a string of bad anniversaries.



1. schinderhannes - April 22, 2009

don´t you worry it is all about Hitler´s birthday (the 20th) not yours 😉

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