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Musings on a lot of varied hypocracies lately July 2, 2009

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The various happenings lately give me a heightened sense that our society values posturing much more than any appearances of hypocracy. I am not really bothered when a politician has an affair or other “indiscretion”. Those are more personal matters and have little bearing on that person’s role. The puritanical nature of America’s electorate, however, has become much more tuned to that.

What bothers me, though, is those politicians who run aiming at those modern-day Puritans. The Christian right requires politicians who cater to them to avow the ten commandments. So if someone runs espousing those values, they ought to be held accountable. The hypocracy of such politicians is blatant. The Christian right blusters, but does not hold them accountable. Numerous politicians have been caught in affairs, taking bribes, embezzling funds, taking favors (a la Ted Stevens and his claims of unbeknowingly having hundreds of thousand of home improvements done by a lobbyist). One even was soliciting gay sex in the toilet of an airport! If all these conservative Republicans were forced to resign, the GOP would be even weaker than this low period now.

The whole steroids in baseball thing is another hypocracy, self-righteous blowharding by so called “baseball purists”. The huge bulk of the offenses were prior to the ban on steroid use. So not being illegal, the players broke no rules. Rant against baseball and the players union for delaying the ban, but the players might have bruised some unwritten purity code, but did not cheat. It was allowed. If people were so upset in the late 90s until 2004 when all this went on, they could have boycotted the sport. The rumors of steroid use were around then. Now it is just hindsight fingerpointing.

A third hypocracy is the Honduran situation. There was no coup. The presidents of Honduras serve one and only one term. It is in the constitution and inviolate, unamendable. The courts ruled such. The Congress there opposed any vote to change this. The (former) president proposed to still run his referendum unilaterally, without election monitoring or controls – since the election was ruled illegal, he was planning to have his supporters run the polls. Of course, he would have declared the peoples’ will to change the constitution and allow him more terms, then held similar votes to elect himself. That disobey of the constitutional process is being ignored by the US, EU, and other governments. He was elected to that first term and that is the only fact that matters. Democracy in action – hypocracy at work.

In an era of media spin and unobjective journalism, the media wheld too much power to mold opinions or to ride them in a ratings-winning strategy.



1. The Chemist - July 3, 2009

THANK YOU! Good grief, I have no idea how intelligent people can honestly be on the wrong side of the Honduras issue. It’s an easy one.

2. fetzthechemist - July 3, 2009

Zelaya was planning the “new and improved” version of Hugo Chavez dictatorship – holding self-proclaimed votes to make constitutional changes that would give him another term, then most likely others to broaden his powers and authority and weakening that of the Congress, the courts, and the military until he held enough power to rule unilaterally. All under the guise of the will of the Honduran people. Chavez started the trend and it has followed in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. These are the tools to create this tyrany of the majority (even when the majority is gained by disenfranchising many or controlling the media for one-sided and biased manipulation of the people, and other tricks).

It is not a new thing or isolated to Latin America. Hitler did it, Hamas has done it in Gaza and ironically mimicked Israel in doing so.

3. superdrupermegapuper54321 - July 21, 2009


Very usefull info. Thanks!…

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