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Satanic Verses, my view July 2, 2009

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I finally read Salmon Rushdie’s Satanic Verses. I put it off because of all the hubbub, figuring that it could not be a good book. It must have gotten its noticce from the notoriety, right?

Well, it is an interesting read. All the things that were deemed blasphemous by the Ayatollah Khomeini were the fantastic visions of a man going insane. A secular Muslim who had sunconscious issues about sectarian strife in his native India and a muddle of ideas about Islam, Allah, and religion in general. Is it blasphemous? To fundamentalists, yes. But it is the raving version of an insane man, a paranoid schizophrenic. Do we take the ramblings of the insane to be valid views? Never! They are mentally unable to think clearly and rationally. Rushdie only had this character create a pseudo-world that is similar to the founding of Islam to add context to the insane visions. That character thought he was the archangel Gabriel.

Fundamental Christians get upset when stories use the name Jesus, although it is a common name in Hispanic culture. Literature is not truth telling. At its closest it might be allegory, but most often it is pure fiction.



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