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Has Ron Paul’s tea party been hijacked? July 3, 2009

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Tomorrow, the 4th of July, will be another day of TEA parties through out the US. These supposedly have grown out of Ron Paul’s grassroots campaign for the Republican party nomination last year. Paul ran on a populist, more moderate form of Republican politics that harken back to the GOP of the 1960s, the party that had Rockefellers, Gerald Ford, John Lindsay. THE GOP last year totally i9gnored Ron Paul and took no cues from his popularity to change one whit.

But now his idea of tea parties, a play on the colonists protests against big-government control and intrusiveness, have become a conservative Republican movement. I went to one in my area, the San Francisco bay area, and watch interviews of participants in others nationwide. These are not populists. These are not moderates or libertarians (small l). These have generally been hard-core Bushites grousing about their loss of power and the bad change in government in the last year, i.e. one that is no longer archconservative, pro-big-business, pro-wealthy.

The TEA now stands for Taxed Enough Already. The people I talked with were upper middle class or wealthy people. Their idea of too much taxes is any tax they pay, period. They got theirs, so screw anyone wanting good schools, roads, whatever. A lot of the conversations I had and comments in interviews had little to do with big government – the Patriot Act is a landmark law protecting us. If it has been used predominantly for non-terror law enforcement, like tax evasion, so what? They would not accept that they might be the targets if the IRS decided their tax shelters needed invustigating and proceeded without warrants by relying on the Patriot Act provisions. They would not accept that the government can now wiretap them or search their snail mail and emails without a warrant. Ron Paul was against big government intrusion no matter the political philosophy behind it.

Ron Paul was for ending the war in Iraq. These TEA party participants still cling to the Dick Cheney claims that Iraq was about Al Qaida and weapons of mass destruction.



1. Norris Hall - July 5, 2009

I am just as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!
Our socialist government is spending money like there was no end
It’s time to bring and end to the word “public”
An end to public health care
An end to public education
An end to public parks
An end to public roads
An end to public libraries
An end to public police
An end to public firefighters
An end to public military
An end to public politicians

It’s time to get rid of every socialistic institution in this country and hand it back to the private sector.

The private sector and market principles can do a better cheaper job than any government entity.

Show your support. Pull your children out of public schools. Avoid public libraries. Refuse to play in a public park. Don’t ride on public roads. Don’t call a public police if your house is robbed. Or a public firefighter if your house is on fire. And most of all, on election day, refuse to vote for any politician who makes a living as a public servant.

Stand up for your beliefs!!!

2. fetzthechemist - July 5, 2009

Everyone thinks “I pay taxes, so I ought to get what I want”. Multiply this tinto millions and you get one of the stupid driving forces for how inept governments budget – they budget to placate voters. The degree of this has no bearing on how much is demanded. Everyone pays some form of tax, sales, income, property, vehicle fees and registrations, bridge and highway tolls, gasoline and other fuel taxes, and more. So they all sanctimoniously say “My desires are justified by the taxes I pay”.

Everyone wants great schools, especially when they have children to be educated. The irksome thing in this is hearing older citizens who already fed at the public education trough now saying schools do not deserve their funding. You cannot have it both ways.

I am for small, local governance in many things – schools especially. State mandates and operational requirements are fitting pegs into holes, and the shapes of those holes are much more obtuse than a simple circle. In a state like California, what works in an urban school district in Los Angeles that is predominantly Latino and African-American does not work for a small-town or rural school in the Central Valley.

All of these tax protesters will be the first to line up for Social Security and Medicare. They paid into those and will get everything they deserve back. Nobody will ever think “I’ve reached what I paid into the system, so I’ll stop accepting the checks”. Hypocrites.

3. udamdirtyape - July 7, 2009

I love when somebody with a blog has the exact same thought as I did… Yes, they have been hijacked… Last year during the election Fox treated Ron Paul like he was a joke… But now that the GOP has been severely weakened and looking to grow the party, Fox has co-opted the tea parties and taken them away from their libertarian roots… It’s quite transparent. Glen Beck is another chamelion… He went from hard-line GOP to pseudo-Libertarian as soon as it became apparent that the GOP is dying… The generation of greedy corporate drones, hard-core bigots, and religious nutbags who make up the base of the GOP is dying… They will have to change thier rhetoric to attract a new base the flawed ideas of Reaganomics wont work anymore… They should dump thier non-starters like abortion and gay marriage. Most people dont give a crap about those things. I think if they want a comeback they should go more Libertarian, but they wont, It doesnt suit thier agenda.

4. fetzthechemist - July 7, 2009

The GOP is too hidebound in its slate, no flexibility allowed (the Democrats are that way, too, on the other end). I think gun control is OK if it means that anyone wanting a gun has to learn how to use it properly to get a license, just like with driving a car. I think big government does not just mean welfare and such, but also obiding by the law so that if they investigate tax evasion or other crimes, they get warrants and subpeanas as required – not skirting claiming the Patriot Act.

Government waste includes farm subsidies to big agribusinesses, not just Food Stamp abuse. Government waste means giving away concessions for timber cutting and mining on Federal lands, not just earmarks for bridges to nowhere.

I am a moderate with libertarian leanings. That means nobody in either party automatically gets my support, and in fact they have one strike against themselves already.

Taxes ought to be taken for the military, the Interstate and other things for “the common good”, and for things that are not short term, like scientific research. Bush thought industry would take that over as he cut back – but he thinks industry looks out for the public, too.

THe GOP had a long run, but trickle down and deregulation proved to be failures. Unfortunately, to undo those take a lot of unpalatable remedies.

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