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Adios Palin, I won’t miss you July 4, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

So Sarah Palin resigns from governor of Alaska after two and a half years. She cited not wanting to be a lame duck or not wanting to be a target of the media and her critics. This was the woman John McCain said could move into the executive office? Give me a break.

Palin’s illogical logic, out-of-skew thinking rings loud and clear. A first-term governor being a lame duck? Well, you are when you take the oath under that concept. No first term, no re-election needed. A media target or one for her critics? Try being in Hilary Clinton’s, Barack Obama’s, George W. Bush’s, Jimmy Carter’s, or Gerald Ford’s shoes lady. There have been dozens of high-level politicians who had it ten times worse than you ever did and folding the cards was not an option.

I hope this ditzy thinking cements Palin into her political grave…..but then again, the GOP is so desperate that it might not.



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