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The deification bothers me July 6, 2009

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Usually when someone dies, you hear constant good comments about the person. So be it, a cultural custom in general. But for celebrities there usually is a mix of the good and any well-known negatives or scandals. For Michael Jackson, this lasted only for the Friday – the day of his death. By Saturday, for whatever reasons, the media had changed its tone to that of one of the greatest entertainers of all time has passed. Little mention anymore of his troubles, other than his extravagent spending. That was often softened by the question “Will there be enough left for his children?

Some people, Al Sharpton in particular, have gone so far as to say that Jackson’s negative image was just a result of the paparazzi and the usual implicit charge of racism Sharpton and such spew, that he was no freak, et cetera. Jackson’s personal life, even in the entertainment industry, was nigh onto bizarre. Surrogate mothers to give him offspring, who he all named after himself. Sleepover parties with young boys that he unabashedly admitted to – what other man in his late 40s would have gotten away with the claim these were all platonic?

Jackson was innovative as a singer, showman, and songwriter, but he was just that on the plus side. Otherwise, he was not anyone’s image of a role model. His icon status is akin to that of many TV, movie, and music stars who had tarnished personal lives – no less or no more, a musical star who was quite different as a person.



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