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Yes, I am opinionated July 10, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

If you give most lab scientists the Myers-Briggs personality typing tests, the vast bulk – usually in the range of two-thirds to three-quarters of us are INTJs. The degree of INTJism varies, but is often very strong among successful scientists.

That translates into being strongly opinionated. We believe we are in the know, that we understand and that are views are correct. That, however, does not mean our views are cast in concrete and immutable. Giving enough evidence, enough facts or clear explanation of opposing views, we will change ours. It just takes time and strong counter-convictions.

In the blogosphere this means I will state my opinion, which is a theory in progress. Your views can be different and still compatible. Your view can change mine, but I expect equal and balanced assessment of mine. INTJs need time to mull new information, to see how it fits into the known set of things. Then the changes come, the new opinion (theory) emerges. That is how we do good science, why we are good at science.



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