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Irony, hypocracy, or just plain inconsistancy? July 14, 2009

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I overheard an a conversation last week that got me thinking, so this is a post based on hypothesis, but maybe something to ponder. The conversation was among three Michael Jackson fans, bewailing his poor children. OK, I do feel for them. My father died when I was twelve and it was traumatic and life-alterring. The trio was wondering how the three childred would fare with a custody battle looming. It got into the finances of the “King of Pop”. They worried over all of the debts and would the children have enough left (I wanted to jump in here and say “There’s still going to be over a hundred million! How much do three kids need?”, but held off).

One thing that struck me in thinking over this is that the biggest asset that remains in Jackson’s estate is not Neverland. It is the copyrights and royalties to his songs and those of Lennon and Mc Cartney that he owns. (By the way, I was surprised to learn that Jackson did not write the majority of the songs on Off the wall or Thriller). These copyrights and royalties have nebulous estimates of value, but are in the hundreds of millions. But one of my thoughts, after the various debates here) was that these same concerned fans might be taking money away from Jackson’s children if they get songs of his or the Beatles through filesharing. Those catalogues of songs lose value as the months pass and filesharers grow in number.



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