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Surprise! Surprise! July 14, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Today’s most unexpected headline? Not the one saying Sarah Palin does not understand cap and trade. What issue does Sarah Palin understand? I have yet to see any depth in understanding or thinking from this woman. Her strongest area, according to conservative commentators, is her advocacy of family values and her anti-abortion stance. Yet on those I only hear a parroting of whatever is the main themes from the fundamentalist right. No new insights, no putting together of various thoughts into a cohesive, coherent view. Yeah, she plays well with the conservative mommy voters. She is one of them, no more. Leaders ought to be able to think deeper, to comprehend interconnections, to counter points. Palin does none of these. Her speeches are like recordings and the words and thoughts are not even hers originally.

Is the GOP in such terrible shape that they must cling to this shallow thinking? Sarah Palin is the epitome of the studious, hard-worker each of us knew in high school. Those two qualities translate into success in school. But they are not talent. They are work and study habits. That kind of success leads to an arrogance that is based on the premise that hard work can be used instead of intellect. Maybe to be mayor of a tiny town or even governor of a sparsely populated state that has so much oil money coming in that budgetary issues are nil, but not in the real world of national politics. The Peter Principle ought not to ever happen in the Oval Office.



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