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Amazon screwed up July 20, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

The uproar against Amazon about the recent Kindle censoring is justifiable. My spin is not li9ke those of a lot of the people interviewed, however. Amazon should not have deleted the copies of George Orwell’s books from users who purchased them from a distributor who was selling illegal copies. They ought to have immediately deleted that distributor from selling on Kindles until they proved they were paying copyrights. The users were unknowinging.

As far as the users, Amazon ought to have sent them a message explainining the situation including the fact that if there was successful litigation from the copyright holders that Amazon might be forced to remove those copies by a court order. Let the users know and let things go their course.

Amazon probably now will require vendors to prove copyrights because they are responsible for the Kindle network and at least partially responsible for the legal or illegal use of it – ironically what the filesharing software makers have been accused of bearlier.



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