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Of course, the Honduran situation has deadlocked July 20, 2009

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Nothing is going to happen in Honduras unless there are rational changes by the US and other Western nations. Zelaya, the ousted president, now thinks he holds all of the international and diplomatic cards because these governments gave him carte blanche approval. He thinks he need not give up anything because he has both leftist support from Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and other regimes in Latin America, but from the US and its allies.

The US stupisly went on the Bushite mantra of an elected official must be right because elections equate to democracy. Zelaya was removed from office by the Honduran congress, the US equivalent is being found guilty in an impeachment trial. Zelaya ignored the constitution and was setting up an illegal referendum to give him another term. He had earlier tried to intimidate the Congress and courts by the use of force, his supporters massing and threatening the two other branches of state power. That was the real attempted coup. Zelaya only gets his sympathy from the West because the Honduran military moved him from the country in the hopes it would prevent civil violence. That was a mistake. They ought to have thrown him into prison to await trial for treason.



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