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Any Dandy Warhol fans out there? August 1, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

I am listening to the newly-released The Dandy Warhols are Sound. It is a mix of Welcome to the Monkey House that they wanted released, but their record company preferred the smoother version. That reminds me of the Beatles’ Let It Be album. The Phil Spector version is what we heard for thirty years. Let It Be Naked was the version Paul McCartney wanted. John, George, and Ringo were all indifferent from the contentiousness of making it, burned out. I listen to each in a before and after mode and see both versions of each of those albums as having merit, just like alternative takes that we get as bonus tracks sometimes.

Since I touch on alternative versions and the Beatles, I will say that I like the version of Glass Onion with all the sound effects and the one of Tomorrow Never Knows that are on the Anthology CDs. Different in a lot of ways, enough to almost be thought of as different songs. Some of these Dandy Warhol songs sound very Beatlesque, in fact, like the sitar at the end of We Used to Be Friends. Imitation is flattery, huh?



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