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The hypocritical greed of the elderly August 5, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

I was reading in the newspaper (yes, I still read one and support real journalism in doing so) that when the polls on health care reform are broken down into age groups, support is very high among younger people and opposition is very strong among those over 60. This, in my interpretation, boils down to two simple economically-driven factors. The young, and really anyone under 45, will never see any benefits in either the Social Security or Medicare they pay in paychecks.

The overly-generous benefits now given will drain both funds within twenty years. The elderly already are feeding at the trough at the expense of anyone still earning money. They operate under the delusion that they paid for those benefits. But they paid in years when there were lower withholding rates and very low caps on what you paid. If the total withheld for any of these elderly is compared to their benefits and even given a high-rate of interest in return is included, the elderly are getting more than they paid in.

The hypocricy is that this argument is just a smokescreen because they know they have a good deal. They also do not want to share that with anyone else. Health care reform would make similar plans (but hopefully less-stupidly generous in cost-of-living adjustments) available to everyone. This is a threat to the elderly’s status as a golden group that must be catered to and treated specially. They have theirs and will guard it tooth and nail.

Maybe the H1N1 will actually be a pandemic and change the awful demographics and allow reality and reason to prevail.



1. AlchemX - August 5, 2009

Have you seen John Stossel’s report on this? Worth a look.

2. fetzthechemist - August 5, 2009

No, but I read a lot on both health care reform. Medicare and on Social Security. I am of an age and profession where I will not get anything out of either for a good while and also see those withholding summaries that show that I am and will always be a payer into the system.

3. The Chemist - August 5, 2009

I’ve heard that H1N1 actually adversely affects the 15-25 group disproportionately.

Regardless, the stupidity has been incredible. People saying we have the worlds best healthcare just because we have the world’s best experimental and newest treatments. It’s not as if the average American can shell out the dough for what the Saudi princes are getting. Ridiculous.

Then there’s the bizarre sense of pseudo-entitlement to an amount of money most people don’t have. I suppose people like to imagine they’ll make it big and don’t want to have to pay on tax day. Meanwhile, people in that income bracket won’t suddenly decide to give up and stop making money. This isn’t a damn Rand novel.

4. AlchemX - August 5, 2009

I’m definitely not happy about the all the stuff I have to pay for. People easily justify taxes they directly benefit from. I’m definitely not going to see social security benefit me (I’m <30yrs old). A lot of the healthcare stuff goes to the elderly that already have money a lot of times (real estate, pensions (I'll never have one), and other assets). I get scared when I get a cavity! I can work more hours, think harder and faster, but they still get to ride on my back a lot of times.

I don't hate old people,but they sure do make us younger people do a lot of stuff for them (e.g. slave in labs to cure their diseases, fight in their wars, SSI payments, etc.). They just keep telling us were paying our dues…wonder what I'm gonna get?

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