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Another bunch of angry conservatives (supposedly) August 20, 2009

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On the heals of those raucous townhall-meeting crashers who shout down any discussions on health care, there are groups of “Energy Citizens” forming to protest against the climate-change legislation being devated by Congress. These groups are garnering a lot of media attention in places like Houston, Dallas, and other cities in the western US.

These groups, however, are more organized than those “spontaneous” ones against health-care reform. I use quotes because there is considerable support and coordination by conservative Republican groups that have subsumed the Ron Paul tea party groups. The Energy Citizens are supported by the American Petroleum Institute and by oil companies such as Chevron. Chevron gave its Houston area employees notice of these meetings, flexed time to allow employees to attend, and even provided buses to transport interested employees. So these groups are partly oil-company employees doing their companlies’ bidding.

The rise of more and more of these groups is not a bad thing, though. The impact of see angry conservatives on the news will soon be dulled and be yesterday’s news, the backstory filler if it is covered at all. Good riddance! These people had eight years of having their cake and eating it, too. Now those days are over. Boo hoo.. They whine aboutr Barack Obama not building the consensus he promised he would. Consensus building requires both sides to compromise some, and in a situation where one side is of much less power they have to give up more to get part of what they want. The conservative Republicans have not swayed on millimeter on any issue. They are like the spoiled brats who throw a tantrum and then hold their breaths to get their ways. Offer to compromise on something before you start ranting about no consensus building. (and the Bush administration and the GOP-controlled Congress of 2001 to 2007 did little of this towards the Democrats – so they cannot even say they practice what they preach.

Those poor conservatives feel disempowered after screwing this country up on almost every front. Why don’t they all move to Montana and Wyoming and join the other crazy reactionaries? Maybe they can secede and get Dick Cheney to lead their rump nation.



1. Riyadh Malki - August 21, 2009

I learned more from your article about what is going on in the town halls. As you said, I wish that it will be yesterday news and forgotten.

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