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Barney Frank was not upset about the views…. August 20, 2009

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I see the news covering Barney Frank’s comments in a townhall meeting as if they were just another in the current wave of angry confrontation. The media and most people AND especially all of those angry conservatives are missing the key point. Representative Frank was upset because the woman had a picture of Barack Obama done up like Adolf Hitler. Barney Frank is both Jewish and gay. Those two groups were murdered by the droves by Hitler. To call anyone Hitler in any circumstance is not a joke or even a minor point.

Hitler was one of the most maniacal and efficient mass killers. His targets were Jews, gay men, Gypsies, and a few other selected groups. He is the ultimate evil figure to anyone who is Jewish. Only comparisons with other murderers or criminally insane people can be made without in some way belittling the losses of those millions of European Jews. Barney Frank was pointing out to that idiotic woman that freedom of speech allows her to make such a ludicrous and taqctless comparison, but it still is stupid beyond belief for anyone to make that comparison directly ti a Jewish person. The woman’s view against healthcare may be a point of debate, but her choice of imagery was clueless and disrespectful. Period.



1. The Chemist - August 20, 2009

My position is you don’t get to compare anyone to Hitler unless they’ve had some level of success in attempt exterminating fellow human beings. Hitler murdered more than six million people in cold blood. He did so for reasons we may never understand completely, and stands as an example of what humanity can be and should never become again. His name should not be dropped so lightly or so frequently as it has. We should bring him up only where there are real similarities or threats.

ALiR and the Interahamwe? Driven by a racist ideology that condoned the mass rape and murder of Tutsis. Comparisons to the Nazis are apt.

Slobodan Milosevic? After Srebenica, despite the fact that he died before he could be formally convicted, it’s absolutely acceptable to compare him to Hitler after the worst mass-killing in Europe since WWII.

President Obama, who has killed precisely no one outside his responsibilities as commander-in-chief of a nation engaged in conflict? To compare him to Hitler is to forget, it turns Adolf Hitler into a caricature and it’s part of an insidious amnesia that seems to afflict this country far too often.

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