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The Afghan War is needed August 21, 2009

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Many people, either ignorant to the differences between Iraq and Afghanistan or jaded by eight years of seemingly ineffective wars or hidebound pacifism against all wars or for whatever reasons, are waning in their support for the war in Afghanistan. These people are wrong, wrong, wrong. The Taliban gave refuge to its al Qaida allies to train for the September 11th, 2001 hijacking attacks. They espouse jihad worldwide to further their medieval version of Islam. They really are the bad guys – especially if you read anything about their barbaric rule in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

The weariness comes from years of George Bush’s wishy-washy halfassed approach to both wars. After Sadaam’s overthrow in Uraq, that administration was totally unprepared for the consequences. They thought they’d just leave. Afghanistan was an afterthought, with barely any real effort put into it. This is ludicrous in hindsight (and it was at the time for me to as I remember railing again Bush’s State of the Union address setting up the Iraq invasion). Bush never went after Osama bin Laden and al Qaida, not even with a quarter of theeffort put into the chimera of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Ironically, Bush hoodwinked many by throwing out specious ties between Baghdad and al Qaida.

Afghanistan is not Iraq. The Taliban has been fighting for thirty years. They are hardened warriors fighting on hopme ground that is rugged. It is not the flat, empty desert that is most of southern Iraq. The Taliban are zealots who really believe this is jihad with heaven waiting. They are not easy foes.

But if we withdraw, the Taliban will reassert itself and set up terrorist training facilities. They will increase instability in Pakistan in the aim for another Talib state there. They will export their militancy to the fertile grounds of Indian-controlled Kashimir, Tajikstan, Kyrgyzstan, and the other central Asian nations. Fighting them is necessary in the long run, but it will not be easy.



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