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A must-have new book on liquid chromatography! August 24, 2009

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I just received the announcement for the third edition of “Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography” by Llloyd Snyder, Jack Kirkland, and John Dolan. I have previewed a few chapters and they maintain the excellence of the first two editions. These earlier editions were the absolute best books on liquid chromatography during their print cycles. From what I have seen and knowing the three authors, this one will blow away any other books on LC.

Those earlier editions were both good basic descriptions for the beginners and good authoritative referencxes for the experts. That is a very hard trick to pull off, yet these guys did it through segmenting each chapter into a detailed, well-written introduction followed by even more detailed and advanced material for specific concepts and areas. Everything from normal and reversed phases, size exclusion, detectors, adsorption behavior, ….it is all in this book.

It is available from Wiley, (I am getting a gratis copy for helping review some chapters, so I even have a promotion code I will not need for $25 off off the $125 price. If anyone is interested, let me know.)



1. AlchemX - August 24, 2009

Does it have a section on using the chromatron for separations? It’s a totally awesome invention by Harrison! Analtech gots a prettier one though.

2. fetzthechemist - August 24, 2009

I do not know. Lloyd Snyder has arranged for a copy to be sent to me. I’ll comment here. That radial prep-scale technology is not all that new, so if there’s a chapter on prep-scale LC I think there’d be a section on it.

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