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Republican scare-tactics on healthcare and the elderly August 24, 2009

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Michael Steele, the GOP’s designated mouthpiece and token for their diversity issued a statement today about healthcare reform and its so-called impact on the elderly.

“America’s senior citizens deserve access to quality health care that will not bankrupt them. Republicans believe reforms to America’s health care system are necessary, but reform should first do no harm, especially to our seniors.  Unfortunately for America’s seniors, President Obama and Congressional Democrats are looking to fund their government-run health care experiment by cutting over $500 billion from Medicare – this is unacceptable.  President Obama should reconsider his plan to pay for his big-government pipe dream on the backs of America’s senior citizens.  Simply put, Republicans believe that protecting America’s seniors and veterans should be the first priority of any reform effort.”

The GOP is using another big-lie tactic. The $600 million is not a cut in Medicare benefits. It is proposed cost-savings measures to deliver the same coverage at a lower cost. This includes some of the limits the Obama administration has negotiated with the pharmaceutical industry to have the government pay less for the same medication. The same medications! Get it, stupids over 65? You get the same medicines and Medicare pays less.

Yet 3 out of 4 seniors think this is a cut on their care because the GOP, its henchmen bloggers and talk-show hosts, et alia keep harping on this lie over and over. The cuts are to save money on the same things. Pull your gray-haired heads out of the sand or wherever you have them stuck in!



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