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The unpatriotic and hypocritical wingnuts September 7, 2009

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I get tired of watching flag-waving yahoos who claim they love this country. These ignorant conservatives could not even pass the citizenship test that we require immigrants to take to become citizens. Their utter lack of knowledge about the US and its history leads to some of the most hypocritical unpatriotic behavior since the Vietnam protesters.

They think shouting down people is a right, yet the Bill of Rights guarantees expression of opinions, not suppression of them. This shouting technique was a favorite of Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks to stifle the less radical socialists and communists (like the Mensheviks) in Russia.

These wingnuts do not respect the democratic process. They lost the vote in the presidential election. This means that Barack Obama is the president of all Amnericans. You might not agree with him, but America has always had an underlying respect for the President, the office, and its history and traditions. The wingnuts show none of this. One, running for office in Idaho, even made a “joke” related to hunting season for Obama. After Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy have been assasinated and attempts made on their saint Ronald, there is no room for anyone, especially a Republican, to even joke about presidential assasination. That is utterly tasteless.

These idiots know nothing about the way government works, nor about any of the issues they are so fired up about. George Bush the first made a speech to school kids just like the one Obama plans. No big deal for a white conservative Republican, but a black liberal Democrat planning the same thing creates a wingnut firestorm (gee, are there racist undercurrents working there?).

Note to wingnuts: you had your eight years until enough Americans got fed up. Now you whine and snipe continuously. I remind you of one of your groups’ favorite lines from the past decade. If you do not like how America is, go find a better country and move there. Otherwise, deal with the changes in an American way, discuss, bebate, compromise.



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