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Thank you, Joe Wilson – addendumb September 11, 2009

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The Republican congressman from South Carolina proved me right. Joe Wilson, defying all decorum, shouted out at President Obama “You lie!” during the president’s address to Congress on healthcare. Wilsom is the epitome of a conservative Republican – irrational, uncivil, disrespectful, unreasonable and unreasoning, and unpatriotic. As I have said before, these conservatives who love to cloak themselves in the flag know little of the US’s history and do not value its traditions.

Maybe it is the water in South Carolina. That state was the most rabidly firebrand leading up to the Civil War. I think there was even a congressman from there who beat another congressman with a walking stick back then. With the Governor Mark Sanford broughaha going on still, my trip to Charleston in a little more than a week ought to be amusing.

Additional comment: Now Joe Wilson has become a conservative datling. He has even come out and said that all the negatives directed at him were liberals trying to muzzle him. Get off your self-inflicted cross, you sanctimonious idiot! The lack of respect for how the decorum of the Congress during a presidential address was the issue. You can hold your opinion and express it appropriately. During anyone’s speech it is rude and untimely. Hecklers never add to the discourse on an issue. They, like you, are just grandstanding. You knew what you were doing and are savoring the limelight. But you are a yahoo yokel who make people like me ashamed to be from the South. Southerners are know for their politeness, civility, and knowing what is good manners. At least those raised not to be ignorant hillbillies.

I will let anyone speak their mind and hold their views. I might disagree or think those views are based on utter nonsense, like the UFO believers, but I will not tolerate those who think expressing their views means curtailing that same right for someone else. That was President Obama’s time and stage by design. If you did not agree to that, miss the session or make your naysaying statements afterwards. You are a congressman and have a soapbox. The media would have paid attention to your views. Now you are just another conservative embarassment (the hardcore wingnuts might not want to believe this, but the GOP is getting the reputation as a bastion of racists, sexual profligates, and Luddites.)



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