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Serena Williams, Kanye West, and Joe Wilson? No connection September 19, 2009

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Some media members are tying Joe Wilson’s shout of “You Lie” to Serena William’s meltdown at an official at the US (Tennis) Open and Kanye West’s rudeness towards Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards as symptoms of similar impolite behaviors. Why? Superficially they might seem the similar. Yet this brings in two outburst made by black people directed at white people – a subliminal defusing of the charge that Wilson’s remarks had a recist undercurrent.

Atheletes routinely blowup at officials. That’s why they have technical fouls for that in basketball and unsportmanlike conduct calls in football. West, in a different vein, is an urban rapper, a culture of complete disrespect to almost anyone and anything. It is a genre that routinely denigrates all kinds of people – women, gays, whites, Asians, Hispanics are all common fodder for urban black rappers. West just vocalized his basic way of thinking at a politically incorrect time.

Wilson is a rural district, older white man – what many call a cracker. At best, these men live as if it were the 1950s (at worst, they want it to be the 1850s). I grew up in that culture. Wilson naturally shows no respect for any black man or woman except what is needed to seem above racist. Yes, he lost his control. But not about health care. It was hearing a black man speak with authority and power. Those are always great areas of jealousy for crackers. They even hate the cultured whites 0 those of bluer blood, the mannerly Southern gentlemen and belles. Crackers detest them just a tad less than uppity blacks.



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