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The new flying experience September 19, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Tomorrow I will take my first long domestic flight in a few years (I have either flown short flights, business class paid by clients, or overseas on all my recent travels). So I had to pay for my check-in bag. No meal on the long leg of my multi-step travel. Airlines now eschew direct flights, unless they are one leg of two or three. Getting from West Coast to East Coastr now means only from one big city to another or segmented travel. Funny how I am feeling about as enthused over this as I did for my nonstop to the Middle East of sixteen straight hours.



1. Gary - September 21, 2014

Hope you did not have too many Indians on this flight!

But you know what, as a writer, one should be matured enough, not to sound racist.

Though I agree with a lot of things in your blog “A plane full of Indians”, it still is in bad taste indeed.

Perhaps, you overlooked the fact that the article is are based on your interaction with several hundreds from a nation 1.25 Billion strong – and in those too not all must have behaved to your dislike – so why generalize.

Whereas, the subjects of your criticism, need education on social sense, that article clearly sets out need of lessons on non-controversial writing for yourself.

Unless of course, you are trying to catch eyeballs by using such stuff, reeking of racism.

Hope you appreciate!

2. Anon - July 31, 2015

Gary, I disagree with you. Fetzthechemist does not sound racist. His writing is not offensive. It is very truthful. Fetz is an impressive and truthful writer. His blogs are awesome!

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