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Bipolar politics cannot win September 28, 2009

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The political dynamics in the US is a two-party system imposed by the current two parties. Prior to the latter half of the nineteenth century, there were often two parties vying against each other, but the dynamics were that one party was frequently replaced by another, temporarily third party. The Federalists, Whigs, Democrat-Republicans, and others were viable in the first six or seven decades of the US under the Constitution. Then the two parties then in place, the Democrats and Republicans, started a long process that froze others out and guaranteed them the only two slots in an election. They did this through things like requiring primary elections, requiring percentages of votes in the previous election to qualify for automatic listing of candidates and if that percentahe was not met, then a requirement of large numbers of signatures of voters to qualify.

This two-party dynamic has led to the current dreadful situation in US politics of each partu being either ultraliberal or ultraconservative, with no allowances for moderation. The number of independent voters grows, but the two parties use this only to freeze them out by making primary elections only for registered party voters.

There have been voter backlashes which show that the nation is ripe for a more moderate, less dogmatic alternative. John Anderson was a notable case. Most voters who voted for Ross Perot in 1992 or Ralph Nader in 2000 were voting against the candidates of the two main parties. Unfortunately both Perot and Nader let their egos dominate the mechanics and ran on their own glory to worse numbers in the subsequent elections. This squelched a third-party opportunity in each case, setting back things for a while.

Now the GOP is falling into the same trap that the Democrats did in 2004, 2006, and 2008 did. They interpret being again Obama as being for the GOP, just as being against Bush meant being for the Democrats. That is only true in this two-party mentality.

People will vote more for the minor third-party candidates out of protest or more likely just not vote. The latter hurts the GOP more because their number of registered voters is much lower than that of the Democrats. No real rsurgence coming.



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