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Wherever I go October 5, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

OK, was hearing a lot here in California about a state senator caught on an open-microphone bragging about having a S$M role-playing session with a woman lobbyist and his resignation; then went to South Carolina and heard about their family-values governor and his Argentine affair, then went to Reno and heard about their family-values US senator and his affair. Will they never learn? If you run on a strict-morals platform, you ought to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. It might be a quirk except these family-values types solicit gay sex in airport restrooms while bashing gays and promiscuity; they talk of honesty in government while having their homes in Alaska remodelled into lavishness by a kind and generous friend who just happens to also need friends in the state and national capitols; and on and on.

It bothers me much, much less when someone runs without mentioning morals and ethics and then gets caught. They never said or implied that they were uncorrupted. It is the sanctimonious ones that really irk me. It is like the religious leaders that are preaching on a Sunday and then finishing that off with a romp with the church secretary. Hypocrisy is a tenfold multiplier of the failure because it is not the misdeed that I dislike. I hate that I am holier-than-thou tone that is only said for a hollow image.



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