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Wednesday morning 3 AM October 6, 2009

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A lot of us in the fields of science have had the fantasy of being a Nobelist. Early on in a career it seems more likely when your research career is just starting. You have untold opportunities and little or nothing yet accomplished. That phone call from Stockholm sounds like a long shot that might still have a small chance of happening. Theyears and your decisions on career paths and research areas define how small that small might be, or in a few rare cases how great it might be. For me, I am a fish in a small pond and have won awards and recognition particular to what areas I have worked in.

Tomorrow is the day. I do not expect that early morning call, a tradition in the US that the European mindset has not changed to take account of the time zones. But I do hope it is one of the people I know who have already garnered a handful of ACS awards and other high honors. Whoever it is, congratulations in advance.

Oh, and to anyone under 45, the title refers to a Simon and Garfunkel album that was out when I was in elementary school.



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