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Once again it goes to biology October 7, 2009

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The Nobel prize that is supposedly for chemistry has increasingly become the ad hoc prize for biology, under the guise that biochemistry is chemistry. Why don’t we ever get a biophysics prize? Some of the things cited for the chemistry prize are just as fitting in that area, biological systems use light, electric currents, and other physical phenomena that have been awarded chemistry prizes.

The commitees that oversee the Nobel endowment and the prizes screwed up long ago by not turning the medine prize into the one that houses biological research. Or the screwed up by not creating a separate biology and biochemistry prize. They created new ones, like in economics. Like some academicians using demographic data or computer models have really made a big difference in how the world’s finances operate? Point out on economics winner who has had the impact expected for chemistry, physics, and medicine…..can you?

OK, so you might say biochemistry fits better in chemistry. But the science has burgeoned since the inception. Additional prizes ought to cover the wider range. So much is going on in materials science that is chemistry that it alone as an area pushes on the areas of organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical for recognition. The prizes ought to reflect this growth by having more areas, too.



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