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Another off-course Nobel October 9, 2009

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So a European again won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Big Deal. Mueller may really be good, but the odds are against it. The current makeup of that selection committee, and any variations over the past twenty-five or so years, has been all too wont to pick some semi-popular European of moderate level. The test of time shows thatr these selections are not enduring. The only variation on this pattern is when they must feel guilty and turn to some obscure author from a third-world nation. Even those the vast bulk of authors and books come from the US, with Canada, Japan, and Australia also fitting into this good, but ignored, category, the Novels mean little anymore to the literary communitee or to the literate public (those who read for the enjoyment of words, storytelling, character buildup, plots, et cetera).


Yes, they do pick some authors who are European or third-worlders who are deserving, Naipaul comes to mind, but those are much less than a half of the prize winners in this “Eurocentric” era (not my choice of descriptions, but one of an anonymous member of the committee who wanted to voice concerns about the Prize’s image).



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