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But one that sees the vision October 9, 2009

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OK, ranted about how the Nobel Prizes in chemistry and literature are flawed selections, and how economics ought not to be one at all. But the Peace Prize sees the idea that Alfred Nobel had. Giving Barack Obama it is recognition that reaching out, concilliating, trying to set up a dialogue (meaning a discussion where both sides participate), and similar moves and attitudes is better for world peace than policies of go-it-alone strategies. It is a repudiation of George W. Bush’s attitudes that he ran the world no matter what anyone else thought.

The message to Muslims especially draws attention. Obama tries to understand their perspective and reconcile it into a worldview. Bush never ever understood that all Muslims are not trying to throw their nations back into the sixth century. Bush never could listen to anyone else nor could he change any viewpoint or reconsider any decision. Inflexible would be an understatement. The Nobel Prize is more for reviving attitudes aimed at peaceful diplomacy, more measured actions, and more effort to understand and work with other nations than it is about what Mother Theresa or Albert Schweitzer did in their Prize-winning efforts.

Addendum: Of course the Republican response is totally negative, highlighted by the cry that accomplishments should be the only criterion. They do not get it that tone is key in creating a climate riper for peace. They do not think George W. Bush’s bellicose stances on foreign policy made every nation more adamant and less conciliatory. They do not understand that creating a dialogue and trust matter – they are the party of shouting down any differing views. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King had no real accomplishments, but they were peacemakers who made a difference through setting a tone. Gandhi eschewed a violent independence movement in south Asia and Dr. King drew a parallel in what was a violent civil rights movement. If their attitudes did not matter that much, why did both die by assasination from proponents of violence?



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