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The children we elect October 9, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Now I get to harangue about Democrats and their behavior, as I have about Republicans. California Governor Schwartenegger, in a move planned to try to move towards bipartisanship, appeared before a group of Democratic politicians yesterday. In a response that might have been choreographed by Joe Wilson, there were raucous shouts when the Governor enterred, was introdused, and while he gave a brief speech. Some were mimicking the infamous “You lie!” shout. Most notable San Francisco state assemblyman kept shouting “Kiss my gay ass!”.

These are the people we elect to run this state )or analogously to run the nation). A bunch of people with the maturity of elementary-school aged kids. If you dislike and disagree with someone in that context, just sit in stony silence. The awkwardness that brings will speak volumes on the differences in views you have without casting a negative light on you like acting like an eight-year old does.



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