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and while they’re at it…. October 22, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

OK, Congress ought to get rid of antitrust protection for health insurers. While they do that, there are several others that ought to be done.

Personally, baseball ought to lose theirs, too. Special law protection from the 1920s is out of date.

Copyright and Patent law needs an overhaul. Copyrights last too long and just help the publishs and media (meaning record companies and producers/ broadcasters of shows). The focus ought to be on the creators, the inventors of these new ideas. The artists have little means of getting much out of this system, but as long as the law is the way it is, they have little power or say so until they get to be a megahit. Stepen King, J. K. Rowling or Radiohead, Beyonce, or such have little complaint, they can negotiate and have leverage.

Patents are overly long, overly broad and do little for the public’s good. Companies refuse to license, knowing that a monopoly in a needed medicine is megabucks for the CEO and other high executives. Pharma companies recoup their research costs within five years for a high-selling drug, and that recouping covers many failed attemots, too. A patent for decades is just guaranteeing obscene profits.

These laws were meant to be for the good of all by protecting investment in development or creativity. Now the creators, be they an author, a musician, or a scientist at the bench, get little and executives rake in money for year after year.



1. The Chemist - October 23, 2009

I agree with everything you just said, especially copyrights. I absolutely believe an author has the right to a copyright to span his life, and even deserves for the copyright to provide some income for his heirs- but this business of Disney extending copyright indefinitely for no good reason is ridiculous and corporations have an unfortunate longevity that makes any kind of copyright in their name problematic. I’m reminded of Kurt Vonnegut’s comment in “Breakfast of Champions” on how you couldn’t be on anyone’s private property without their permission, but how almost every bit of ground you touch is somehow owned by one person or another.

Now that we have situations where Amazon can delete your library willy-nilly and with the advent of streaming, expiring, and pay-per-view digital content it seems that viewing information could soon be a pay-as-you-go experience if we are not wary. This goes double with Internet providers and monopolies/semi-monopolies that are doing their damnedest to undermine net neutrality.

2. fetzthechemist - October 23, 2009

Copyrights were meant to be more or less a lifetime’s length, but they conservatively chose a span that would cover a adolescent living to a ripe old age. The mega-online corporations are positioning themselves through electronic readers and universal archives, of becoming that monopolistic portal everybody has to use. Look at how Apple structured iTunes for iPhones and iPods – a friggin’ monopoly for a captive audience. You spend several hundred sollars to get a device, then your music has to be Apple compatible – that means only from iTunes.

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