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The pot calling the kettle black October 22, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Dick Cheney is now ranting, putting in his wooden nickel ias his two cents, on Obama dithering about Afghanistan troop levels. This comes from one of the Vush policymakers who had seven tears to do something effective there. Instead, from the start, it was not of great importance, not enough to commit to a full-scale war. A modest number of US troops bolstered by those of our allies were sent, but a lot of the warfare was planned to be fought by Afghan allies that we bought into our side. They did a lukewarm try, sometimes cutting deals with the Taliban to carve up regional fiefdoms. Seven years of ineffectual leadeship that only led to a stalemate that never went wholeheartedly after Osama bin Laden or al Qaida or the Taiban. It allowed these militant terrorists to just move around freely and spread their movement more into Pakistan. Cheney ought to have shut up over embarrassment at how badly those seven years went.



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