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One god, but God? October 23, 2009

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

Religious sectarian violance has always seemed to be a paradox. People who profess to be religious and follow a creed will kill those of another faith. That in itself is a strong theme in the world’s history, but one subcurrent is when those within one faith kill others who also are of that faith, but are in a different sect. Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland and Orthodox and Catholics in the former Yugoslav nations are two examples. A current one is the Muslim militants in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq who blow themselves and other Muslim worshippers at mosques.

This is very puzzling since the main professing of Islam is that there is only one god, Allah. Period. This one all-seeing, all-knowing, judging god must see these bombings of people worshipping. Do the bombers really think that their god likes and accepts this desicration of his mosques? Will the merciful Allah care for the innocent souls of those blown up and judge their murderers?



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