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Reform? No. Bastardized? Most definitely January 18, 2010

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The “health reform” that is emerging from Congress looks more and more like more of the same. There are few cost constraints on Hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, or any of the other groups who presently are m,aking tons of money from the current system. In fact, the versions of the bill that are in the Senate and that which already passed the House reward those groups by much more business.

First, the poor will become covered and part of the system, new income streams at government expense. The uninsured who are not poor will either be forced into this system or pay for it through a penalty. The already insured will remain so, but many will pay much higher premiums to help cover the costs for the addition people.

This is through the tax on “Cadillac” health insurance plans. The definition includes anyone on an HMO (health maintenance organization) plan. It conveniently is structured so that those whose insurance is predominantly covered by their employers are not taxed – so most union labor will continue to get employer-paid coverage at a cheap cost to themselves. Thus, the burden will go on those working for small business, the self-employed, or those whose companies do not pay for their insurance – a more and more common situation.

These people already subsidize the system by paying much higher premiums than the large group coverages that companies and unions can set up. It is not uncommon for the policy of one person to be $500 to $1000 per month. This is not having Cadillac service! It is paying Cadillac prices for adequate coverage.

If the Senate passes such a bill, and either or both of my senators vote for it as is likely given their party affiliations, then they will forever lose my vote no matter who opposes them. Senators Boxer and Feinstein have sold their votes too cheaply to partisan support for any plan that brings in the poor uninsured, not looking at the impact on their constituents. Other senators stayed off the bandwagon to get better treatment for their states, but not the state that will be most impacted.



1. The Chemist - January 23, 2010

Not to mention that SCOTUS has basically said that private companies (which seem to rely more and more on government handouts) now get to bribe politicians. (Yeah it’s “campaign spending” or whatever. I prefer to call it what it is.)

Meanwhile there are loyalist liberals of the more insipid variety who are clamoring to support this piece of garbage because it will be at least a partial victory for Obama (who squandered a filibuster-proof majority) and to their mind it’s something. At best, it’s nothing or worse.

I don’t blame the Republicans- I can’t, they’re the opposition, it’s practically their damn job to be unreasonable. Even if they’re stupid, they’re predictably stupid. Instead I blame the Democrats for their fecklessness and perfidy. They lost a seat, and they deserve to lose more. The Republican base is not shy about disciplining its congresscritters and senators. Democratic voters should demonstrate the same immediate and direct brand of punctiliousness.

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