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Will Jenny McCarthey just please shut up! February 8, 2010

Posted by fetzthechemist in Uncategorized.

OK, the key paper that originally linked autism to children receiving vaccinations has been discredited and totally retracted by Lancet. The science just was not there and nobody else could get any correlation when trying to do similar studies. Now parents of autistic children need to push for real research to find causes. They cannot waste energy, resources, and scarce monies on chasing this chimeric bugaboo. This means celebrity parents with a stage, like Jenny McCarthy -(a celebrity, but of what talents anyway?).

But I doubt this convenient target will be dropped. Vaccines sound so dangerous. But this false assignation has resulted in millions of children not being vaccinated, 10% to 20% in some communities. I am of an age where polio was real – I knew kids who had had it. Whooping cough, measles, smallpox were still recent enough to be scary to our parents, too. But those diseases are just waiting for a chink in the armor to reappear. These quixotic parents of autistic children are providing it. For those opting out of vaccinations, I say also opt out of any governmental support for children getting the preventable diseases. If you make that stand, face real consequences (just like those who eschew seatbelts or motorcycle helmets ought to be ineligible for medical care through the government).



1. Chip - February 27, 2010

Just heard about the Lancet retraction on a podcast of “Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour”. Nice dialog about this subject with a guy from The Skeptic.

2. Chip - February 27, 2010

Not just bad science. Turns out the original Lancet author was being funded by lawyers sueing the vaccinators and he also had his own alternative vaccine that he was hoping to make money on.

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