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Tiger Woods can never be the greatest golfer ever April 14, 2010

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OK, there’s so much (too much) hoopla about Tiger Woods’ return to competition. The talk again starts of his being, arguably, the greatest golfer ever. Even before all the scandal, I was of the opinion that he was not nor could he be.

Why? Greatestis based on accomplishments. Yes, Tiger Woods is a great golfer. To be the best-ever, in my definition, you must be paradigm busting and beyond what was before you. This is a raity in sports, but it has happened. Babe Ruth was the creator of the home-run hitter in baseball. Before his time, the best per season was often only 10 or 15 home runs. He hit in the 30s, then 40s, then 50s, then 60. Each was a new plateau. His career record was over 700, several hundreds more than previously. Babe Ruth obliterated the records and any competitors in his generation.

In hickey, Wayne Gretzky did the same things in scoring. He scored goals and assisted on others at paces unseen before and nowhere near matched by his contemporaries. Wayne Gretzky obliterated the records and any competitors in his generation.

In college basketball scoring, Pete Maravich when he was at Louisiana State University did likewise, scoring over 50 points, not in a game or two, but as yearly averages. His total points came when freshmen were not allowed to play varsity basketball, yet his three-year total still surpasses that of others who later played four years. Pete Maravick obliterated the records and any competitors in his generation.

Jim Brown, as a running back in professional (American) football, did likewise. He gained yardage nobody else had or did. Jom Brown obliterated the records and any competitors in his generation.

So, back to Tiger Woods. The other competitors for greatest of all time, when listed, all had others on the list who they competed against. Arnold Palmer had Sam Sneed and Jack Nicklaus. Jack Nicklaus had Palmer, Lee Trevino, Gary Player, and Tom Watson. Et cetera. Who is great that is Tiger Woods’ nemesis? Sorry, but Phil Mickleson and Curtis Strange just do not achieve greatness, let alone being mentioned as all time greats. Yes, Tiger Woods has dominated this era, but it is a rather modest era. If Jack Nicklaus had not had Palmer, Player, Trvino, and Watson to deal with, he might have won a dozen or more major tournaments.



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